Send money to friends in a snap!

Setting up an EFT can seem like a chore. Skip the hassle of asking for your friend’s bank details and quickly send money to their SnapScan Wallet.


Repay your friend

Did your friend help you out of a sticky situation? Quickly pay them back by sending money to their SnapScan Wallet. Navigate to the Wallet section, and press Send to connect with friends and get started.

Gift your loved ones

Let them know you’re thinking of them. Send money to their SnapScan Wallet so they can buy their favourite treat on you. You can send money as many times as you want at no extra cost. 

Simplify coffee runs

Buying coffee for your colleagues? Let them send their contribution to your SnapScan Wallet. Money in the SnapScan Wallet can be spent at any SnapScan business.

Supported banks:

Follow these steps to verify your account:

You’ll have access to more nifty features in no time.

1. Head to Account Settings, and press Verify account.
2. Enter your ID number, and then scan in your ID document.
3. Find some good lighting, and take a quick selfie.
4. Enter your bank details to link your bank account.
5. We’ll review your account and notify you when your app has been verified.
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