Get paid anywhere with the SnapStore app

Make sales, track your payments, and manage your transactions with the SnapStore app.

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SnapStore app showing business owner sending QR code, Pay Link, and receiving payment notification while working
Quick and easy installation
Simply download the SnapStore app to your Android or iOS device and log in with your Merchant Portal credentials.
Dynamic sales
Include an amount and a reference when generating a SnapLink or SnapCode to get paid quickly.
Instant access
Quickly open the app to make sales, collect payments, and view your transactions on the go.

“The SnapStore app is a game-changer for my business. It’s convenient to use, and it’s a big time-saver. I no longer have to search for my QR code or log into my portal to view transactions. It’s all there in the app.”

– Reece Davies, Founder, RWD Honeybees

We’ll have you snapping in no time:

Download the SnapStore Merchant app from Google Play or Apple App Store
1. Download

Download the app for free to your Android or iOS device.

Log into the app using your SnapScan Merchant account
2. Log in

Log in using your credentials from the Merchant Portal.

Enable notifications in the app settings
3. Enable push notifications

Set up push notifications for snappy proof of payment.

SnapLink button
4. Start snapping

Get paid on the go, or send Pay Links for easy remote payments.

Download on the App Store for iOS Apple devices Devices

Get the app on your iPhone and iPad:

Download for iOS

Get the app on your Android phone and tablet:

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