Get paid remotely with SnapScan’s Pay Links

Give your customers a hassle-free way to make remote mobile payments. Send them a Pay Link to get paid in a snap. Log in to the Merchant Portal and navigate to the Payment methods tab to access your Pay Link.

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Connecting businesses and customers with remote online payment links
SnapCodes section in merchant portal

Simple to use for you and your customers

Get your link on the SnapScan Merchant Portal, copy yours to send to customers. It’s the smart, secure way to get paid.

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Online payments without a website

Send Pay Links to customers via email, text, social media, or include them on your invoices. Your customers will love the added convenience.

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Streamline your payment process

Your customers don’t need to add your bank details, so there’s no room for error. We’ll notify you the moment the payment has been processed.

“The ability to send customers a Pay Link has been amazing for us. They make it easy for our customers to pay and we get instant confirmation”

Gabriele James, Co-founder, Rumsy’s Noose

We’ll have you snapping in no time:

It’s all online, you can get your Pay Link in a few clicks, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the Merchant Portal

Click ‘Payment Methods’’ on the menu bar. You’ll now see a list of all your SnapCodes.

2. Get your Pay Link

Click ‘Get Pay Link’ for the relevant SnapCode. This will automatically copy your Pay Link.

3. Send to your customers

Paste your Pay Link in the relevant place. You can send it via SMS, email, social media, or add it to your invoice.

SnapScan pay link pay screen on mobile app success
4. Get paid

Customers will follow the link and pay using their SnapScan app. You’ll instantly receive payment confirmation.

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