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SnapScan is the most convenient way to get prepaid electricity in a snap! Top-up using your mobile wherever you are, whenever you need.

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SnapScan prepaid electricity

Take the hassle out of getting electricity online.

Use the SnapScan app to complete your topup in just a few seconds.

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SnapScan works with Apple, Android and Huawei devices.

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The app works with any SA bank card enabled for online payments


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“While browsing through the SnapScan app, I came across the prepaid electricity feature and was impressed by its functionality. I make use of a number of meter boxes, and the app allows me to pre-load all of them. Topping them up is easy and convenient”

Grant de Sousa, owner of GoDriveIn: DriveIn and Roadhouse.

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Buying prepaid electricity with the SnapScan app is safe and convenient. You can also use the app wherever you see the SnapScan sign.


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Award-winning mobile app

More and more South Africans are using SnapScan every day for their purchases, payments and services.

60 000 merchants and counting

You can also use the SnapScan app at trusted businesses big and small, from market stalls to coffee shops and online stores.

SnapScan prepaid electricity

Powered by Standard Bank

Our system works with all major banks and you don’t have to bank with Standard Bank to use SnapScan.


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